Europe’s People’s Forum has selected various think tanks’ articles focused on themes that we find most current and interesting for the activists, politicians and connoisseurs engaged in the policies of the European Union. The articles were published in February and March 2018.

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  • Marcello Messori and Stefano Micossi Counterproductive Proposals on Euro Area Reform by French and German Economists  (CEPS)
  • Andrew DuffHow to govern Europe better: Reflections on reform of the European Parliament, Commission and Council (EPC) 
  • Christine VergerTransnational Lists: A Political Opportunity for Europe with Obstacles to Overcome (Delors Institute)
  • Laura Maria Wolfstadter, Sophia Becker and Valentin KreilingerRights and Role of the European Parliament in Common Commercial Policy  (Delors Instite)
  • Sebastian DullienTrade conflict with the U.S. is the only way to protect free trade (ECFR)
  • Richard Youngs and Sarah ManneyRecession and Renewal in European Democracy (Carnegie Europe)
  • Dani RodrikThe Double Threat to Liberal Democracy (Project Syndicate)
  • Giulia FormichettiMigrant crisis, the “blockchain technology” (Miditerranean Affairs)
  • Marek Dabrowski and Yana MyachenkovaThe Western Balkans on the road to the European Union (Bruegel)
  • Mark Leonard & Norbert RöttgenA New Beginning for European Defence (ECFR)
  • Balazs Jarabik, Gwendolyn Sasse, Natalia Shapovalova, and Thomas de WaalThe EU and Ukraine: Taking a Breath (Carnegie Europe)
  • Chris PattenThe Return of the Irish Question (Project Syndicate)