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01/11/2017           Think Tanks' Thoughts n°6

TTT no 6 focuses on the future economic structures of EU, the regional funds and their relation to EU's coherence, the economic and cultural reasons for so-called populist movements, Turkey, European Neighbourhood Policy, Iran, European defense capacity, PESCO, CARDS, and Catalonia and Austrian politics.Type your paragraph here.

  • Henning Deters and Magnus G. Schoeller Waiting for Merkron: The Franco-German Relationship and Eurozone Reform after the Elections (CEPOB)
  • Grégory Claeys The missing piece of the euro architecture​  (Bruegel)
  • Vincenzo Bavoso ​Capital Markets, Debt Finance and the EU Capital Markets Union: A law and finance critique​ (CEPS)
  • Robin Huguenot-Noël, Alison Hunter and Fabian Zuleeg​ Can the EU structural funds reconcile growth, solidarity and stability objectives?​  (EPC)
  • John Springford and Simon Tilford Populism – culture or economics?  (CER)
  • Luigi ScazzierTurkey and the EU: No end to the drift​  (CER)
  • Mikkel Barslund and Lars Lundolph ​Migrants in the Mediterranean: Easy and difficult solutions​ (CEPS)
  • Andreas Umland Eastern and Central Europe’s Strategic Provincialism (Carnegie Europe)
  • Steven Blockmans The Obsolescence of the European Neighbourhood Policy (CEPS) 
  • Ellie Geranmayeh​The coming clash: Why Iran will divide Europe from the United States,​(ECFR)
  • Dick Zandee Developing European defense capabilities, (Cligendeal),
  • Sven Biscop European Defense: What’s in the CARDs for PESCO? (Egmont)
  • Richard Youngs Catalonia and European Democracy (Carnegie Europe)
  • Oliver Gruber A new dawn of anti-immigrant policy hegemony? The Austrian election and its (potential) consequences (FEPS)