​​01/09/2017           Think Tanks' Thoughts n°4

TTT n° 4 focuses on Macron's promise to launch a series of democratic conventions, the EU Migration Policy, the need for an effective EU counter-terrorism policy, Hungary's relationship with Russia, the European Eastern Partnership, the role of EUPOL COPPS in Palestine,  the imminent German elections and many other topics...

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  • Franklin Dehousse, The reform of the EU Courts (IV) (Egmont Institute)  
  • Karel Lannoo, At last, a Pan-European Pension Product! (CEPS)
  • Daniel Gros, Why are illiberal democrats popular? (CEPS)
  • Richard Youngs, Can Macron’s Gamble to Save the EU Pay Off? (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace)
  • Piotr Buras, Reparations and the crisis of Poland’s foreign policy (ECFR)
  • Judy Dempsey, Judy asks: Why the Delay on an EU Migration Policy? (Carnegie Europe)
  • Sophia Besch, Two years after opening #Germany’s door to #refugees, #Merkel stands tall.How has she done it? (CER) 
  • Sergio Carrera, Elspeth Guild and Valsamis Mitsilegas, Reflections on the Terrorist Attacks in Barcelona: Constructing a principled and trust-based EU approach to countering terrorism (CEPS)
  • Anthony H. Cordesman, Trends in European Terrorism: 1970-2016 (CSIS)
  • Balázs Jarábik, Putin’s Budapest Bargain Is Built on Shaky Ground (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace)
  • Kadri Liik, How the EU Needs to Manage Relations With Its Eastern Neighborhood (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace)
  • Filip Ejdus and Alaa Tartir, Policing Palestine (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace)
  • Christel Zunneberg, What are the dynamics between EU heavyweights in the face of Brexit? (ECFR)
  • Christian Odendahland Sophia Besch, What the German Elections mean for #Brexit? (CER)