​​18/09/2017           Think Tanks' Thoughts n°5

TTT n° 5 focuses on the European Commission's final proposals for the European Social Pillar of Social Rights, Poland's de-Europeanisation, the Paris meeting and the approaches to migration in Italy and the EU, the EU's responsibility regarding the increasing PA's authoritarianism, ACP-EU relations, EU's attitude towards the Asia-Pacific region and many other topics...

Download our analysis:

  • Yannos Papantoniou, Germany and the Future of the Eurozone (Carnegie Europe)
  • Waltraud Schelkle, Hamilton’s Paradox Revisited: Alternative lessons from US history (CEPS)
  • Björn HackerSocial Europe is back on the agenda but there is no big breakthrough (FEPS) 
  • Piotr Buras, Europe and its discontents: Poland’s collision course with the European Union  (ECFR)
  • Heather Grabbe and Stefan Lehne, Defending EU Values in Poland and Hungary (Carnegie Europe)
  • Andrew Lebovich, Still wanted: New approaches to migration for Europe  (ECFR)
  • Tim Eaton and Paul Melly, Europe’s Flawed Thinking on Mediterranean Migration Chatham House)
  • Sergio Carrera, Andrew Geddes, Elspeth Guild and Marco Stefan, Pathways towards Legal Migration into the EU: Reappraising concepts, trajectories and policies (CEPS)
  • Mattia Toaldo, Italy’s new policy on migration from Libya: will it last? (Aspenia Institute)
  • Saleh Hijazi and Hugh Lovatt, Issa Amro and the EU’s Palestinian Authority problem (ECFR)

  • Jean Bossuyt, Niels Keijzer, Alfonso Medinilla, Andrew Sherriff, Geert Laporte and Marc de Tollenaere, ACP-EU relations beyond 2020: Engaging the future or perpetuating the past?, (ECDPM)
  • Ian Bond, European Policy in Asia: Getting Past Mercatorism and Mercantilism (CER)
  • Gwendolyn Sasse, A Reminder to Continue Ukraine Reforms (Carnegie Europe)
  • Judy Dempsey, Judy Asks: Is Ukraine Losing Its Way? (Carnegie Europe)
  •  Andrew Duff, Brexit: Dealing with withdrawal symptoms (EPC)