• Vessela Tcherneva, What is left from Kohl’s era? (ECFR)
  • Giles Merritt, Let’s use the new EUphoria to tackle Europe’s root problems (Friends of Europe)
  • Ivan Krastev, Central Europe’s Though Choice : Macron or Orban? (ECFR)
  • Claire Dhéret and Marco Giuli, The long journey to end energy poverty in Europe (EPC)
  • Erik van der Marel , Reforming Services: What Policies Warrant Attention? (ECIPE)
  • Heidi Hautala, Militarisation should not trump development criteria in battle for EU funds (Friends of Europe)
  • Blanca Garcés Mascareña and Neus Arnal Dimas, The Myth of Return. The Market of Symbolic Policies (CIDOB)
  • Sophia Besch, What future for the European Defence Fund (CER)
  • Guntram B.  Wolff, Eurozone or EU budget? Confronting a complex political question (Bruegel)
  • Amanda Paul, Crans-Montana - A ‘now or never’ moment for a Cyprus settlement? (EPC)
  • Gwendolyn Sasse, Ukrainians Travel Visa Free (Carnegie Europe)
  • Richard Youngs, Is “Hybrid Geopolitics” the Next EU Foreign Policy Doctrine? (Carnegie Europe)
  • Gustav Gressel & Fredrik Wesslau, The great unravelling: four doomsday scenarios for Europe’s Russia policy (ECFR)
  • Willem Post, Europe must not vilify America (Clingendael)
  • Luigi Scazzieri, Trump, Europe and the Middle East Peace Process: A Path out of the Quicksand (CER)
  • Balazs Ujvari, European Economic Diplomacy: what role for the EIB? (Egmont Institute)
  • Sico van der Meer, EU creates a diplomatic toolbox to deter cyberattacks (Clingendael)
  • Judy Dempsey, Europe Has an Irish Problem (Carnegie Europe)
  • Mikkel Barslund, Matthias Busse, Programming Brexit: How will the UK’s IT sector fare? (CEPS)
  • Camino Mortera-Martinez, Hard Brexit, soft data: how to keep Britain plugged into EU databases (CER)

19/06/2017           Think Tanks' Thoughts n°3

TTT n° 3 focuses on the debate on the Eurozone budget, the European Defence Fund, the role of the EU in tackling energy poverty, Cyprus peace talks in Crans-Montana, the EU's strategy towards Russia and its commitment to the EaP region, the consequences of Brexit for the UK's  IT sector and many other topics... 

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