16/07/2918    Think Tanks' Thoughts no 11

TTT no. 11 covers articles published in April, May and June. We have included Climate Change as a new theme for our Think Tanks' Thoughts. No. 11 covers no less than 6 articles on Democracy, Citizens, Human Rights and Independence of Media. No 11 discusses the current situation in Poland and Hungary, and the balance within the Visegrad countries, and the transatlantic response to so-called populism. More importantly the  but more importantly how to involve millennials in politics and how to increase citizens' direct engagement in several areas of political decision making.

19/03/2018       Think Tanks' Thoughts no 10

TTT no 10 covers articles published in February and nothing less than three articles about the future institutional structures and organisation of EU., whether we talk about Transnational Lists for the European Parliament, Spitzenkandidaten, Dual Presidency, a possible Federal Route, the number of Commissioners, Multiannual Financial Framework or a Treaty Amendment. It discusses the EP and a corrective to future trade policies and about the EU-US trade conflict. Recession and democracy and the renewal of liberal democracy as well as migrant crisis, Western Balkans, European defense and the Irish Border are part of this months' focus..  

07/02/2018       Think Tanks' Thoughts no 9

TTT no 9 is a mix of market discipline, digital health and a social pact for energy discipline, It's blockchain in trade, consequences of later adulthood being less prosperity, The TTT no. 9 deals with an alternative approach to the French citizens consultations. it deals with the rule of law problems in new member states and analyses in all complexity the liberal internationalism earlier, today and in the future. Also this TTT deals with migrants and child migration, with Western Balkans and the World, Yet a discussion about what if UK regrets Brexit and an analysis of the EU desillusioned Ukrainian youth. .. 

17/01/2018         Think Tanks' Thoughts no 8

TTT no 8 is a real pleasure to read, particularly if you are interested in the EU's foreign policy, its instruments and targets In a situation with US recognition of the Jerusalem as capitol of Israel and Palestine considering its recognition or the climate change migration and the vulnerable democracies in East there are many questions to consider. Democratic and Economic changes of EU structures, rule of law remain a core interest as well as the surprising winner from Brexit - Germany - as stated in one analysis. 

08/12/2017       Think Tanks' Thoughts no 7

TTT no 7 focuses on the democracy and citizens' perspective of Eurozone integration, the Social Pillar, perspectives of the so-called populist movements, EU funding as a way of strengthening rule of law, Management of refugees and migration, Schengen, German defense industry, Western Balkans relations with EU, the European Defense Fund, the health of the Visegrad economies and the question how Corbyn could keep UK in the EU, if... 

01/11/2017           Think Tanks' Thoughts n°6

TTT no 6 focuses on the future economic structures of EU, the regional funds and their relation to EU's coherence, the economic and cultural reasons for so-called populist movements, Turkey, European Neighbourhood Policy, Iran, European defense capacity, PESCO, CARDS, and Catalonia and Austrian politics.

18/09/2017         Think Tanks' Thoughts n°5

TTT n° 5 focuses on the European Commission's final proposals for the European Social Pillar of Social Rights, Poland's de-Europeanisation, the Paris meeting and the approaches to migration in Italy and the EU, the EU's responsibility regarding the increasing PA's authoritarianism, ACP-EU relations, EU's attitude towards the Asia-Pacific region and many other topics...

01/09/2017           Think Tanks' Thoughts n°4

TTT n° 4 focuses on Macron's promise to launch a series of democratic conventions, the EU Migration Policy, the need for an effective EU counterterrorism policy, Hungary's relationship with Russia, the European Eastern Partnership, the role of EUPOL COPPS in Palestine,  the imminent German elections and many other topics...

19/06/2017           Think Tanks' Thoughts n°3

TTT n° 3 focuses on the debate on the Eurozone budget, the European Defence Fund, the role of the EU in tackling energy poverty, Cyprus peace talks in Crans-Montana, the EU's strategy towards Russia and its commitment to the EaP region, the consequences of Brexit for the UK's  IT sector and many other topics... 

19/06/2017           Think Tanks' Thoughts n°2

TTT n° 2 focuses on the debate on the Universal Basic Income, the EU-China Summit, EU cooperation with Libya and Egypt,  the general elections in the UK and many other topics... 

02/06/17             Think Tanks' Thoughts n°1

TTT n°1 focuses on the future of the Eurozone, on Hungary internal situation, on EU-Turkey ties, on the future of Schengen and NATO, and many other topics...

Most analyses conducted by the numerous think thanks and researchers in Europe provide very useful insights.

Europe’s People’s Forum provides an exclusive selection of articles so they may reach the audience they deserve. We believe these articles are of interest to all those who want to influence Europe’s and EU’s development.

​The selection focuses on analyses of European policies and of the relation between EU and its member states, rather than on events. Thematically the section will focus on policy issues that are foreseen in the future to be part of Europe’s People’s Forum’s work.



  Expected issues are:


  • EU’s Future Institutional Structure and Policies;
  • EU-policies on Social dimension, Labour Market Protection and Trade Agreements;
  • Climate, environmental and social sustainability;
  • Democracy, Citizens, Human Rights and Independence of Media; 
  • Policies on Migrants and Refugees, Schengen and Development Aid;
  • Priorities and Values in EU Foreign and Security Policy;
  • Brexit Negotiations and National Political Issues.