Europe’s People’s Forum has selected various think tanks’ articles focused on themes that we find most current and interesting for the activists, politicians and connoisseurs engaged in the policies of the European Union. The articles were published by the most prominent Think Tanks in April, May and June 2018.

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  • Enrico Letta, Now or Never, (Notre Europe)
  • Emily O’ReillyHow transparent are the EU institutions (CEPS)
  • Stefan Lehne, The EU Remains Unprepared for the next Migration Crisis (Carnegie Europe)
  • Marie De Somer A tale of two cities (EPC)
  • Eric Brattberg, Philippe Le CorreHow Angela Merkel’s “Gift” of Goodwill Could Boost Beijing-Berlin Trade Ties at Donald Trump’s Expense, (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace)
  • Andrei Marcu, Georg ZachmannDeveloping the EU long term climate strategy (Bruegel)
  • Malgorzata Szuleka, First victims or last guardians? The consequences of rule of law backsliding for NGOs: Case studies of Hungary and Poland (CEPS).
  • Martin Michelot How can Europe repair breaches of the rule of law?,(Notre Europe)
  • Daniel Debomy,They love me, they love me not, they love me a little, Public opinion and the European Union in the Visegrad countries (Notre Europe)
  • Jacob Parakilas, Thomas Raines Exploring Transatlantic Responses to Far-Right Populism in Europe (Chatham House)
  • Maria Freitas, Involving millennials in politics (FEPS)
  • Stephen BoucherHow Citizens Can Hack EU Democracy (Carnegie Europe)
  • Daniel Gros, Who Lost Italy, (CEPS)
  • Amanda Paul, Dennis SammutArmenia’s “Velvet Revolution”, Time is Pashinyan’s worst enemy (EPC).