​​   Board Members

(President - retired

Niels Jørgen Thøgersen (BE) – former Director of Communication, the European Union

​Email: niels@europespeoplesforum.eu)

Vice President

Roger Casale (UK) – CEO New Europeans

Email: ​roger@neweuropeans.net

​Member, Secretary General

Bent Nørby Bonde (BE) – Director Media Progress, Former director Baltic Media Centre, and TV 2 Bornholm

​Email: bnb@europespeoplesforum.eu


Pierre-Yves Le Borgn' (FR), former MP, Member of COE parliament, Vice President First Solar, Director Industry Relations, Rohm and Haas, Email pyleborgn@yahoo.com  


Stephen Boucher (FR), man. director Foundation Euractiv#media4EU, former CEO and Editor in Chief ConsoGlobe, visiting professor Science Po and Institute of European Studies. E-mail  stephen.boucher.perso@gmail.com


Verena Ringler (DE) - independent EU advisor, former Project Manager for Europe, Stiftung Mercator, E-mail



Beate Winkler, (DE), Painter, author, former director European Monitoring Center on Racism and Xenophobia, EU Center for Fundamental Rights, and Advisor for Federal Government's Commission for Foreigner's Issues., Email: bwinkler@chello.at 


Jakob Erle (DK) – former director Danish-Egyptian Dialogue Institute and IAED

Email: jakob@erle.dk


Povl Christian Henningsen (DK) – owner Henningsen Global, earlier interpreter in EU mail

Email: mail@henningsenglobal.com