• Karl Doutlik, President of AIACE, Austria
  • Julia Hahn, Director, Burgerforum Europa


  • Olivier Brissaud, Chairman, Alumni Europae asbl, Belgium
  • Steen Illeborg, Secretary-General, Europeans Throughout the World
  • Jacques Lafitte, founding partner, AVISA Partners, Belgium
  • Denis MacShane, partner,  AVISA Partners, Belgium
  • Pierre Mairesse, frm. director EC Youth and Education, Belgium
  • Bill Martin, European Citizen
  • Tony Venables, Board member ETTW, Belgium


  • Eleonora Gavriliedes, Director-General in communications


  • Per Eklund - Swedish European.  Bornholm, Denmark
  • Jakob Erle, Board Member of New Europe, Denmark
  • Steen Gade, Chairman Nyt Europa, Denmark
  • Gunnar Hattesen, Editor; member of the Board of the European Movement in Denmark
  • Connie Hedegaard, Chairperson, former Commissioner for Climate, EU (2010-4), former Minister for Climate and Energy (2007-9), Nordic Cooperation and  for the Environment (2004-7)
  • Povl Christian Henningsen, Empower, Denmark
  • Peter von Kohl, ​​Founder of The Václav Havel European Academy
  • Claus Larsen-Jensen, Director, Forum for International Cooperation, Denmark
  • Finn Laursen, Dr. Jean Monnet Chair ad personam, University of Southern Jutland, Denmark
  • ​Søren Winther Lundby, CEO Global Citizens
  • Ivar Lærkesen Board Member at Bornholm's Peoples High School; teacher
  • Karsten Lodahl Madsen, consultant
  • Henrik Meilstrup, Aarhus University, Denmark
  • Terkel T. Nielsen, former local president European Movement
  • Torben B. Nielsen, Director B. Com 
  • Hans Rysgaard, Copenhagen, former chairman of Caobisco and International Confectionery Association, Denmark
  • Chiara Valentini, ass. Professor in corporate communication, University of Aarhus.


  • Lindsay Armstrong, Journalist, France
  • Jean-Pierre Bobichon, Activist in Sauvons l'Europe
  • Philippe Cayla, Européens sans frontières, France
  • Isabelle Dejeux, Associate Director, Allisonpr.com, France  
  • Daniel Vezzio, Italian Expat Association, Lyon, France


  • Gerald Häfner, former MEP and German MP - later founder of Democracy International, Germany
  • Rolf Hagemann, Goodwill Ambassador Copenhagen, Germany
  • Felix Heitmann, Partner AVISA
  • Tom Høyem, Former minister for Greenland of Denmark (1982-87), now in Germany. 
  • Adrian Taylor, Co-founder Change Agents Network (iCAN)
  • Hans Jürgen Zahorka, Director LIBERTAS . Europäisches Institut GmbH, Editor-in-Chief European Union Foreign Affairs Journal (EUFAJ), Germany
  • Ulrik Bartholdy, Bartholdy Consulting, Mainz, Germany


  • Vassoula Cossiavelou, Dr., Communication Counsellor A at State​


  • Judit Fekete, former Director-General of Communications on Europe in the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • István Ujhelyi, Member of the European Parliament


Kingsley Aikins,​ CEO Diaspora Matters, Ireland


  • Virgilio Dastoli, President European Movement Italy
  • Haakon A. Ikonomou, PhD EUI, Firenze, Italy
  • Thierry Vissol, Professor, Foundation Giuseppe di Vagno, Italy 


  • Simon Holmberg, Director, Danish Cultural Institute Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania


  • Kotryna Stankute, Director, Lithuanian Global Leaders


  • Fons Theis, former Head of Representation, the European Commission in Luxembourg 
  • Robert Arendal, business manager, Luxembourg, Denmark ,
  • Nicolas Delaby,   board member of Europe sans Frontieres, Luxembourg


  • Jan A. Dekker, former President of EARTO, TNO and KIVI, the Netherlands
  • Peter Idenburg, Chair, Alumni Lifelong Learning Initiative, INSEAD, former GD Ministry of Finances of the Netherlands, 
  • Nico Wegter, Member of the Laren Council


  • Isabel Baltazar, researcher University Nova, Lisbon, Portugal


  • Dorin Fleseriu, IT manager, Bucharest


  • Branislav Slysko, Press Secretary at Comenius University, Bratislava


  • ​Dejan Hribar, Secretary General, Slovenian Paneuropean Movement
  • Ziga Turk, Professor, former secretary-general for the European Council's group EUROPE 2030, Slovenia 


  • Irene Lozano, Author, former MP, Spain
  • Aurelio Sahagun-Pool, former Communications Director for the Prime Minister, Spain
  • Jose-Manuel Meaurio,  Basque Country, Spain
  • Maruja Gutiérrez, Vice President AIACE-Spain


  • ​Anders Castberger, former president of ECAS​, Sweden
  • Vasilis Koulolias, Director GovLab, Storckholm University  Sweden
  • Ylva Tivéus, former director for citizens communication,           European Commission


  • Roger Casale, CEO New Europeans, United Kingdom
  • Brendan Donnelly, Director, The Federal Trust for Education & Research
  • Matthew Fulton, CEO, European Movement,
  • ​Natasha Levanti,  editor of European Public Affairs
  • Jane Morrice, Member of European Economic and Social Committee, Northern Ireland
  • Veronica Stiastny, European Movement UK


  • Torben Riise, International Consulting, USA 


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