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Empower Citizens for the Future of Europe: The Civil Society Organizations, indicated in the following document, have signed the following Declaration on the Rule of Law, the Multiannual Financial Framework, the European Conference on the Future of Europe and an Empower Roadmap. Since the Conference on the Future of Europe is one of our tops priorities, we have renewed calls for a bottom-up, building-site and free-standing and spontaneously organized events. Find our more here.


Conference on the Future of Europe - update 1: Today, the first important step was taken towards the construction of a modern and democratic EU that integrates civic participatory engagement between elections in the policymaking of its three institutions.Today, a large majority in the European Parliament (EP) adopted a resolution that specified the form, content and process of the Conference on the Future of Europe. Read more here.


What is the Conference on the Future of Europe?

A process running until 2022 and with a prominent Chair from the EP together with the Commissioner for Democracy and Demography, Debrovka Suica. Designed to make the EU more democratic and increase citizens participation through a bottom-up approach. The EP proposes several thematic and representative citizens’ agoras at EU level. The EC publishes its proposal on the 22nd of January. Its President stated that she is “ready to follow up on what is agreed, including by legislative action” while the European Council underlined that “the conference should contribute to the development of our policies.” The concrete structure, form and content is currently still being negotiated between the institutions.

The new European Parliament and the Commissioner for Democracy and Demography is a giant step forward: President for the European Commission, Ms. Ursula Von den Leyen has tasked the Vice President for Democracy and Demography Ms. Dubravka Suica with a conference on the Future of Europe. It will start in 2020 and run for two years and will “bring together citizens, including a significant role for young people, civil society and European institutions as equal partners”. Read more here.