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  Research Validation Panel

The Research Validation Panel is made up of recognised researchers and research institutions across Europe with specialists within a broad range of themes that can be dealt with by EPF. The Panel is tasked with several important functions for the Europe’s People’s Forum.

The overall goal of EPF is to engage the people in all 27 member states in a debate and development of policy proposals that their representatives can present and discuss with European and national politicians and civil servants. During the process of transforming opinions and visions into policy proposals the Research Validation Panel will  contribute data and analyses that serve to substantiate and synthesise the proposals from the people across Europe.

The Research Validation Panel will further ensure that the final policy proposals presented by the representatives at the Europe’s People’s Forum are well substantiated in a broader analytical and political perspective.

"Most Europeans agree that the European Union is very important. Important for our daily life, for our welfare, for our security. But unfortunately very few participate in discussions and decisions about European policies and priorities. These are too important to leave for politicians alone to develop.

That is why I am very happy to be part of the initiative to start Europe’s People's Forum.  This will provide the framework for dialogues and discussions among people from all over Europe with different opinions and backgrounds. This framework will allow us to present ambitious carefully analysed proposals for European agendas and priorities so convincingly that they cannot be ignored by the decision making politicians“.

​​Niels Jørgen Thøgersen, Founder and Chairman


   What we do

​Europe's People's Forum allows and encourages every single person among the 500 million people in EU’s 27 countries to voice their opinions and visions and to influence the European Union through the policy proposals put forward. It is a key purpose for the Forum to ensure that the people’s proposals gain a serious impact on the policies in Europe. To have such impact it is necessary that the proposals put forward are credible, substantiated and coherent in a societal context.


  Why did Europe's People's Forum Start

"The drastic changes in Eastern Europe and the Balkans in the 1990’s and the later inclusion of these countries in the European Union made many of us strong believers in this collaboration. For me my work in these countries made me realise how precious the perspective of EU membership and its democracy, peace and prosperity was to the peoples living in this part of Europe.

Today there is all over Europe a demand from the populations for changes and improvements of the future European Union. This Is a process that I am proud to take part in. The ambition of Europe’s Peoples’ Forum is to become the privileged means of the European people to influence, change and improve future EU-policies.”

Bent Nørby Bonde, founder and Secretary General

   Annual Process

  1. Every year Europe’s Peoples’ Forum and its partners will define 2 themes which the citizens are already engaged in. These themes will be the focus of discussion in online debates and activities in the 27 member states and will be based on the  questions for debate and information material provided through Europe’s Peoples’ Forum.​
  2. Partner organisations building popular engagement in a democratic dialogue on future reforms and policies of the EU in the 27 countries will also take the lead in organizing national debates on the two themes through media, online debates and public meetings.
  3. In each of the 27 countries the partner organisations will summarise the debates. They will use media and internet based platforms to invite candidates and subsequently organize a public election of two persons from each country to participate in thematic fora to conclude on the online and national debates across Europe.
  4. Twice a year 54 participants from 27 countries will meet in Denmark to debate the two defined themes and bring together perspectives and conclusions from all national debates. They will develop a coherent policy proposal for each theme based on the information and opinions expressed during the national debates.
  5. During the annual large-scale Europe’s Peoples’ Forum the participants in the thematic fora will present the transnational conclusions of the debates. Their conclusions and the contributions from other European citizen-based initiatives will provide the basis for exciting discussions with politicians and civil servants from Europe’s regions, member states, and the European Institutions will be invited to hear and discuss the strategies and visions.