​​The mission of Europe’s People’s Forum (EPF) is to strengthen European democracy by serving as a permanent platform where civil society and people in all Member States are engaged to discuss and develop their visions for European policies that reflect their needs.

Europe's People's Forum allows and encourages every single person among the 450 million people in EU’s 27 countries to voice their opinions and visions and to influence the policy-making of the European Union. It is a key purpose for the Forum to ensure that the people’s policy proposals gain a serious impact on the policies in Europe. To have such impact it is necessary that the proposals put forward are credible, substantiated and coherent in a societal context.                                                            

Platform for Citizens Participation in EU's Future Policymaking 

70 national and European-wide partner organisations with Europe's People's Forum will reach out to all citizens and ensure their inputs and contributions to policies solving important European challenges

450 million European citizens will be asked to prioritise the policy areas they believe are most important to improve for the EU in the coming decade and will online prioritise the sort of changes they would favour. A representative group of citizens in every country will face2face discuss and develop visions for policy changes. Experts will assist in developing full policy proposals on basis of the peoples' inputs, while a Research Validation Panel will review the quality of analyses and coherence with citizens' priorities. 

Citizens from each member state elected by the face2face representative groups will finish the policy proposals in a Thematic Europe's People's Forum before all 450 citizens are invited online to vote among the final proposals to decide which ones to present to and discuss with relevant EU institutions. The EPF platform is foreseen to be permanent instrument for citizens engagement in EU policymaking. 

Conference on the Future of Europe 

Update 1 – 15.1.2020

Today, the first important step was taken towards the construction of a modern and democratic EU that integrates civic participatory engagement between elections in the policymaking of its three institutions. Read more.

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European Media Monitor 

On our EUROPEAN MEDIA MONITOR page, you can find uncensored all the latest articles that have been published in 4000 online media and cover the themes that EPF currently works with in its peoples’ debates, its Think Tanks’ Thoughts and its Glimpses of Europe.​ EMM also offers you all coverage of activities from the many organisations registered with Europe’s People’s Forum, dealing with citizens and democracy.

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Debates on Europe

Shaped to attract the most engaged debate partners, the most innovative and well-argued proposals for the new EU and its future policies. Prepare your pen and send us your vision for new structures and functions of the European Union or new policies that should be shaped with the European Union. 

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Glimpses of Europe

Glimpses of Europe offers you information about exciting new initiatives and organisations, about events you might not have heard about and about new policy visions, which all prioritise to involve citizens in improving democracy at European and national level.

Some fact sheets are written by the Europe’s People’s Forum and others are provided by other organisations or supporters. We encourage all to be as factual and balanced as possible and look forward to your contributions.

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